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right/wrong to WIN/WIN - DVD

right/wrong to WIN/WIN - DVD

Right-Wrong to Win-Win is different than other conflict programs because it focuses on resolving peer-to-peer conflict without mediation or manager intervention, by helping the feuding parties set their emotions aside, to focus on the problem and not the person. 


Suitable for self-study, small group study, or instructor-led.


Click here to purchase a $99 stream from Vimeo. 


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When Project Co-ordinator Izzy Hargrave finds out that the contracts she needs on her client’s work site are not ready, her relationship with Paralegal, Rob Garcia descends into chaos.


“You are impossible. You cost us a production day.  You're lazy.”  You get the picture.  Blaming, name-calling and a whole lot of stress brings productivity to a halt, with responses like ‘it’s not my fault’, ‘she’s so alpha’ and ‘I’ve had enough’.  


The video uses Izzy and Rob as an example of how to implement a five step process to resolve their differences, mend the relationship and manage future conflict situations by shifting their thinking from right/wrong to WIN/WIN.  


The Five Step Process

  • 1.    Step away
  • 2.    Prepare
  • 3.    Focus on the problem, not the person
  • 4.    Meet face-to-face
  • 5.    Seek a win-win solution


Click here to  purchase a $99 stream from Vimeo.


    When you purchase your DVD, it will be shipped the following business day by priority post.  We encourage you to call us or email if you have specific requirements. The DVD contains the video, the leader's guide and a the slide presentation. 


    Title: Right-Wrong to Win-Win

    Running Time: 13 minutes

    Language versions: English

    Closed/Open Captioned: Closed captioned

    Industry: All

    Subject categories: Manager, Supervisor, Teams



    Copyright for the videos is for one dvd only which cannot be copied or reproduced.

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