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The Our Bizniss Story

Fun stories change lives at work

Millions of people from thousands of companies in 60 countries, in 14 languages have used our programs and services. Our company reflects this level of experience and professionalism. 

Our Bizniss was formed in 1997 by filmmakers Tracy Riddiford and Cathy Beitz. They wanted to use their skills to write stories with interesting characters and fun scenarios that could change people's lives by helping them have happier and more productive relationships at work. And they wanted to do it as a cottage industry from South Australia.

They started on a shoestring budget making one video and promising their distributors to stick with them, 'there would be more'.  Within 5 years they had built a library of international best sellers, a shelf of awards and a network of happy distributors and happy customers all around the world.     

After almost 2 decades, Tracy moved on to a prestigious corporate position in government and Cathy joined forces with IT guru, Graeme Kennelly.  They moved to the small town of Willunga to enjoy a speedy NBN connection and a country lifestyle amongst the vines on the Fleurieu Peninsula.  They continue to make films, mentor young creatives and try not to mess with what's good in the world. 

Sieh Mchawala and Danny Phillips
On location for Right Wrong to Win Win
Graeme Kennelly
Sieh Mchawala and Graeme Kennelly
Copyright Cathy Beitz
Kahli Gaskin and Melanie Munt
Cast and Crew
Sieh Mchawala and Cathy Beitz
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