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Time Challenged

Time Challenged

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Meet Kent. We all know him in fact we’ve all been him!

You see Kent is time challenged. Watch his deadlines zip by as he misses one after another by simply not managing his time efficiently.The first step for Kent is recognising he has a problem, owning that problem and making the decision to do something about it. He does this with the assistance of “Timewasters Anonymous”, a motley self-help group full of similarly time challenged individuals.


They patiently teach him the value of:

  • setting goals
  • prioritising
  • concentrating on achieving results instead of just being busy
  • planning his day using diaries and “to do” lists
  • tackling difficult jobs, breaking difficult jobs into smaller chunks
  • allowing time for the unexpected, keeping his files trim and his computer organised
  • managing correspondence without double handling (especially emails)
  • managing phone calls, voice mail and messages efficiently
  • scheduling regular breaks
  • avoiding casual visitors and only attending meetings with a purpose and a time limit.

Available as:

Streaming Video from Vimeo



25 minute DVD with comprehensive course guide.



    Comprehensive Leader's Guide

    Slide Presentation

    Title: Time Challenged

    Running Time: 25 minutes

    Language versions: English

    Closed/Open Captioned: No Closed Captions

    Industry: All

    Subject categories: Manager, Supervisor, Teams


    Videos are dispatched the following day.  Please call us or email us if you require special shipping instructions. 

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