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Impressions Count

Impressions Count

Click here to purchase an online stream for $59.


Let us help change your life. We will show you some essential basic communication skills to help you fit in at work.


If you know what to do, what to say and how to behave, starting a new job is a breeze.

Show young recruits the essential social protocols of communication and behaviour in the workplace. These social protocols are the backbone of success as they are intrinsically linked to teamwork, professionalism and productivity.

Skills like:

  • Great tips for starting a conversation
  • The secret to being a good listener
  • Practical workplace dos and don’ts
  • Why is punctuality SO important?
  • How do I give and receive compliments?
  • How do I give and receive an apology?
  • What do I say when I’m introduced?
  • Can I check my facebook in my lunch hour?

    Title: Impressions Count

    Running Time: 13 minutes

    Language versions: English

    Closed/Open Captioned: Closed captioned

    Industry: All

    Subject categories: Front line employees, Induction, Team building, Interviewing


    DVD will be shipped the following day for a 5-7 day delivery in Australia or check with us for other countries. 

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