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Discussing Performance

Discussing Performance

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Motivate managers and team leaders to make performance feedback discussions a success.


Show them the value in: Focusing on outcomes, tackling contentious issues, identifying training needs and formalizing forward planning.

Help them avoid the pitfalls of: Placing more importance on the interview than ongoing communication, setting up employees to be in competition with each other, thinking that appraisals are all about wage and salary reviews, dropping bombshells, concentrating on trivia and blaming not appraising.

Give them the practical skills to: Encourage self appraisal, work collaboratively to set goals and objectives and motivate each other to grow and develop professionally.


    Title: Discussing Performance

    Running Time: 15 minutes

    Language versions: English

    Closed/Open Captioned: No closed captions

    Industry: All

    Subject categories: Manager, Supervisor, Teams


    DVD will be shipped the following day for a 5-7 day delivery in Australia.  Contact us for details of shipping for other countries. 

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