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Being Assertive

Being Assertive

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Assertiveness is defined as the ability to express yourself openly and honestly without denying the rights of others. This engaging new DVD shares the “how to’s” of assertive communication and identifies other common communication styles that can cause difficulties in the workplace.


Being Assertive reacquaints us with the team at the Museum. Lauren, Jeremy, Warren, Greg and Peta are all working furiously towards a special opening night exhibition. There is a great deal at stake. They need to make a positive impression on potential sponsors in order to cement their plans for expansion.

However, when it’s discovered that their big night clashes with the Art Gallery exhibition is not food for thought – it’s “Rennaissance”. It creates a major scheduling problem, which puts everyone under pressure.


Their already tenuous communication skills are seriously put to the test. The result is a complete communication breakdown with an emotional outburst from Lauren, which leaves them all devastated.

However, with the knowledge, determination and encouragement from team member, Peta they struggle through some valuable lessons about communication. Eventually they resolve their behavioral problems by learning how to communicate assertively.


Opening night is a tremendous success. They receive their funding and they take with them some valuable lessons, which will help them all grow personally and professionally.


Those lessons include:

    •    The definition of assertiveness

    •    The characteristics of passive, passive aggressive, aggressive and assertive

    •    The ability to define their own behavior

    •    Why we should be assertive

    •    Knowing what you want

    •    Knowing how to say “no”

    •    Effective listening

    •    Barriers to assertiveness


This entertaining DVD or streaming video will help your team develop the skills for intelligent communication.


    Comprehensive Leader's Guide

    Slide Presentation

    Title: Being Assertive

    Running Time: 14 minutes

    Language versions: English

    Closed/Open Captioned: No Closed Captions

    Industry: All

    Subject categories: Manager, Supervisor, Teams


    DVDs will be shipped the following day for a 5 - 7 day delivery.

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