Time Challenged E-Learning

Time Management Short Course

An enjoyable online learning experience - fun, effective and not bogged down with endless text and boring graphics.

"This was the most valuable hour of learning I’ve ever done."
Christine Swann, Counsellor

The course is based around Kent. We all know him. In fact, we’ve all been him!

Kent is time challenged. He makes the decision to do something about it by becoming a member of “Timewasters Anonymous”, a motley self-help group of similarly time challenged individuals.

They teach him and YOU how to:

  • set goals that work
  • prioritise to achieve results
  • concentrate on results instead of just being busy
  • uncover the secret of a good plan
  • tackle difficult jobs and what to do with them
  • manage the unexpected - what could that be, you ask?
  • cope with mountains of correspondence, especially emails
  • deal with ‘the phone thing’
  • schedule the well deserved mini break
  • maintain a social life without letting it wreck your work life
  • get ‘the meeting thing’ under control

Time Challenged E-learning wins
Best use of Video in a Training Program

LearnX Gold Award




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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take?
1 to 2 hours

How long does the participant have to complete the course?
1 month

What will I see and hear?
14 high quality dramatised video segments

What will I do?
Quizzes, exercises and games

What will I take away?
Time management tools, methods and templates, handy hints, Certificate of Achievement (if you successfully complete the course) and a printable summary of the course

What are the pre-requisites?
A basic level of English literacy and numeracy, a computer with broadband internet access and a web browser with Adobe Flash Player 10+ plug-in and the ability to play .mov files (please check your organisations firewall / proxy server policies)

Where should I do this course?
As this e-learning course contains video with sound you should attempt to do the course in a quiet location such as in a small meeting room or study area or use a headset

Can I receive a Statement of Attainment towards my educational qualifications?

Are there different prices for multiple participants?
Yes – Contact us to purchase Time Challenged for multiple users

Licence for No. of Users/Participants Price Per User Package Price
1 Participant
$59 $59
5 Participants $55 $275
10 Participants $50 $500
25 Participants $40 $1,000
50 Participants
$32 $1,600
100 Participants $25 $2,500
250 Participants $18 $4,500
500 Participants $15 $7,500
1000+ Participants $10 $10,000+

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