"The best time management course I have ever seen, in any format since 1985 – and believe me, I have seen a few. Refreshing, fun, and focused."
Bruce Graham, Perfect Performance Training Ltd, UK 

The course is based around the award winning Time Challenged DVD and course-work. It’s about Kent. We all know him. In fact, we’ve all been him!

Kent is time challenged. He makes the decision to do something about it by becoming a member of “Timewasters Anonymous”, a motley self-help group of similarly time challenged individuals. 

They teach him and YOU how to:

  • set goals that work
  • prioritise to achieve results
  • concentrate on results instead of just being busy
  • uncover the secret of a good plan
  • tackle difficult jobs and what to do with them
  • manage the unexpected - what could that be, you ask?
  • cope with mountains of correspondence, especially emails
  • deal with ‘the phone thing’
  • schedule the well deserved mini break
  • maintain a social life without letting it wreck your work life
  • get ‘the meeting thing’ under control

Time Challenged E-learning wins
Best use of Video in a Training Program

LearnX Gold Award

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The course takes 1-2 hours. Each person may log in and out of the course as often as they like (and it remembers where you are up to). However, when fully completed & certificate is downloaded, then no further access available.

Completion must be achieved within 12 months of purchase.

Each license for 5 users is valid for 12 months.

This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer currently being offered by Seven Dimensions or ourBizniss.

Purchase must be made in increments of 5 people.

If you require multiple licenses or want to discuss the DVD and coursework, please call 08 8242 5226 or 08 8165 2473 citing this offer and we will provide a separate quote. 


[ Items purchased in Australia subject to 10% GST ]