Our Consulting Services

We know what we’re doing.

How can we be sure? Well, there are the dozens of awards and international best sellers, but mainly we feel that the millions of people from thousands of companies in 60 countries, in 14 languages, who have used our programs and services, can’t be wrong. Our services reflect this level of experience and professionalism.


The digital domain is a scary place when you haven’t been there before. See this blog article for some gory details of our personal experience.

We are experienced entrepreneurs who have created, owned and operated a global IP/IT export business for almost 2 decades. We’re happy to share our knowledge with both start ups and successful companies who are wanting to move into the digital space. We have helped several companies grow and become sustainable.

We also provide excellent translations of geek speak and can even draw pictures when needed.

The team has been writing, producing, directing and distributing films and learning resources for decades, so sorting out issues with e-learning, corporate videos and webcasting is a particular specialty.

We also offer distribution and/or co-production for selected training products. If you have a book, a video or an e-learning program and think that the world should know about it, please talk to us.

Training Resources

If you need effective, engaging learning materials created with inspirational instructional design, you’ve come to the right place.

Induction courses and resources – new employees will be with you from day one.

Training Manuals – effective and affordable. What about making them interactive?

Product launch resources – There is nothing like a great tool to engage customers in how something works.

Customer Service and Soft Skill Training Resources is our specialty.

Convert your existing paper based training courses into online, multi-media rich, interactive learning.

Transform your existing online courses, especially the ones that send people into a coma they are so boring.

A few examples