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How long does the course take?
1 to 2 hours

How long does the participant have to complete the course?
1 month

What will I see and hear?
14 high quality dramatised video segments

What will I do?
Quizzes, exercises and games

What will I take away?
Time management tools, methods and templates, handy hints, Certificate of Achievement (if you successfully complete the course) and a printable summary of the course

What are the pre-requisites?
A basic level of English literacy and numeracy, a computer with broadband internet access and a web browser with Adobe Flash Player 10+ plug-in and the ability to play .mov files (please check your organisations firewall / proxy server policies)

Where should I do this course?
As this e-learning course contains video with sound you should attempt to do the course in a quiet location such as in a small meeting room or study area or use a headset

Can I receive a Statement of Attainment towards my educational qualifications?

Licence for No. of Users/Participants Price Per User Package Price
        1 Participant
$59 $59
        5 Participants $55 $275
      10 Participants $50 $500
      25 Participants $40 $1,000
      50 Participants
$32 $1,600
    100 Participants $25 $2,500
    250 Participants $18 $4,500
    500 Participants $15 $7,500
1000+ Participants $10 $10,000+

Are there different prices for multiple participants?
Contact us to purchase Time Challenged for multiple users

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