For some time now we’ve been hearing about the importance of emotional intelligence – the ability to make our working relationships grow and develop to their full potential. We all want to build solid relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Whether these relationships are with customers, co-workers, family or friends a good working knowledge of social skills and etiquette will help you gain an edge in life itself.

Our new e-learning title Impressions Count will give you a wealth of practical skills to achieve that goal. Some of these skills you might already know and use religiously in your “day to day” life. Some of them you might already know, but in the heat of the moment, simply forget them. Others will be a revelation and you will marvel at how a simple word or action can make a difference to your communication with others.

If we consciously strive to put these skills into constant practice we will be amazed at the difference it makes in the way we are valued and accepted in society. Like it or not, our behavior is a reflection of our personality and our behavior is the means by which other people judge us.

At the heart of Impressions Count is an underlying respect for other people and their rights. Well-honed etiquette skills are those which show sensitivity to other people, put them at ease, make them feel welcome and valued as a human beings.

Anyway - that’s what we think.