The training industry exists to change behaviour in the workplace. However, you can only change behaviour when you understand how people learn.

OurBizniss understands that people learn best when they learn vicariously through the experiences of others. People learn from observing, modelling and being made accountable in a social context.

The training resource industry has been creating product to help model communication techniques for almost 50 years. They have been producing examples of good and bad communication to help in the teaching process. The really successful producers have understood a few basic principles: People learn from characters like themselves. Human characters who are not saintly, nor are they sinners, they are simply ordinary people making their way through life, sometimes getting it right and sometimes getting it wrong.

Training film producers often make the mistake of making their characters unlikable when they are getting it wrong. The truth is that no one will identify with unlikable characters.We don’t mind seeing ourselves as a little ridiculous occasionally, but generally most of us don’t like to think of ourselves as horrible – and this creates a real barrier to learning.

The first point of difference between OurBizniss films and many other training resources is that the characters in OurBizniss films are not mean, nasty people. They simply don’t know any better because nobody has taught them differently. This is the tone and psychology we adopt in all of our training drama.

The second important point of difference is that our programs are “stories”. Since day dot, stories have been used to teach – well, almost everything. Our storylines always have ‘stakes’ – Will he or won’t he make it to the birth of his first child? Will she or won’t she get to the church on time? Does she or doesn’t she get the new job? We now have characters that we identify with and a proven story technique to keep people involved and engaged.

The combination of character, plot and ‘stakes’ illustrates real consequences for certain behaviour; Identifying with the character and understanding the consequences create a fracture in the way people see the world. When you successfully create a fracture, the ground is fertile to change an individual’s behaviour; and changing behaviour is the reason the training industry exists.

Anyway - that’s what we think.